Technical Translations

Technical Translation represents one of the main segments in our market. We employ extremely qualified professionals with a unique vision of the translation of documents containing technical and/or scientific literature, be them sworn or not, with focus on aspects from the most diversified areas of expertise.


Technical Translation involve a great deal of terminology in order to develop dedicated glossaries and dictionaries, with the purpose of standardizing the language used throughout the task being performed, as well as for use in future projects.

In order to perform such task, the translator must be familiarized with the concerned technical terminology and count on reliable research sources, in other words, the translation needs to be done by experienced and qualified professionals in such a manner that the document or text suffers no changes to its original content. Technical translation errors may result in financial losses, incorrect use of equipment and damage to health.


Has an extensive experience in the execution of Technical Translations, as it is one of the company’s main services. Our staff of translators is sorted into translations cores and each core is selected according to their technical expertise. Therefore, a document with specific terminology from the oil and gas area, for example, will be translated by the team that has both deeper and wider knowledge of the technical jargons used in Brazil and overseas.

We spare no efforts to assure you the ultimate quality and accurate utilization of technical terms when translating your document, be it a manual, floor plan, package insert, project, balance sheet, standards, medical procedures, etc. The final result will be a material with full equivalence to the original text.

In which areas does Prowords offer Technical Translation services?

Prowords works in areas such as: Automotive, Aviation, Biology, Accounting, Corporate, Ecology, Engineering, Financial, IT, Internet, Legal, Marketing, Mechanics, Medicine, Environment, Naval, Offshore, Onshore, Patents, Advertising and Telecommunications, among others.

Work methodology

Our differentiated management methodology has earned the trust of multinational groups and renowned local companies. Be part of this successful partnership, join us and become a new Prowords’ client.

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