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ProWords Professional Translations is a groundbreaking company with differentiated perspective as regards the provision of translation services.

Technical Translations

Technical Translations represent one of the leading segments in the translation market. It is the translation of documents, either sworn or not, that focus on several aspects from the most diversified and specialized areas under a technical and/or scientific perspective.

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Sworn Translations

Certified Translation, also known in Brazil as Sworn Translation, is the translation service that confers public faith upon the translated document and makes it valid in the whole country, which means that such document has legal equivalence.

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Consecutive and Simultaneous Translations

Prowords employs only the best interpreters and translators to set up and perform Simultaneous and/or Consecutive Interpreting services and our professionals are backed up by a team of dedicated experts to provide only the best support and supervision in all project steps, regardless of your event size.

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Website Translations

Translation of websites must be accurate and performed by translators with vast experience in the area and with capacity to emphasize the message conveyed to reach the target audience.

Our staff has technical knowledge, linguistic qualification and proven experience in the most diversified translation areas.

Urgent Translations

Our main difference is the quick response to the quotations received. Our efforts are focused on providing excellent services, regardless of deadlines.


Proofreading a document is more than simply rereading it. It is an analysis of several aspects of the translated document, such as: sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency and format, in order to identify, correct and concise the document, therefore ensuring a highly qualified text.

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Audio transcription is the conversion of conferences, interviews, seminars, meetings, lectures, speeches, radio broadcasts, TV shows, etc. from a voice file to text.

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