What is the difference between ‘writing’ and ‘transcribing’?

Their meaning may be confused, but ‘writing’ and ‘transcribing’ are quite different activities. In a dictionary definition, “transcribing” is “writing again (certain contents) in another place, transferring, copying or reproducing”; that is, transcribing is actually conveying the contents of a medium into another.

One of the most common uses of the word is to describe the conversion of an audio into a written text. Although this is a task requiring time and a lot of work, a transcription may be quite useful to professionals of different areas, in addition to students. In an audio transcription everything spoken goes into a written format. Thus, lectures, seminars and conferences, among others, may be transformed into written files, by facilitating the access, citation and diffusion of the contents.

Would you like to know more on the making of an audio transcription? In this text we explain the process in detail:

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