What copy editors and reviewers do?

Many people think that the role of a reviewer or copy editor is a simple reading to correct mistakes in Portuguese or other language, but a review or edition goes well beyond spelling. A professional in this area is also a specialist in the analysis of several other aspects of the text such as structure, grammar, punctuation, format, text cohesion and consistency, to name a few.

As to reviews of translated texts, a professional should be aware of the entire translation process so that he may interfere in the text in the best way possible. He is responsible for identifying errors and inconsistencies in the document, correcting them and polishing the final text by assuring a high-standard result.

Besides being a language specialist, a copy editor or reviewer should have solid knowledge on the meaning of the original text and the specificities of the destination culture, so that the message may be appreciated as a whole by the target public.


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