Project management

Our projects are managed through an integrated system that allows a real-time view of all stages and the current status of each project.


Every client has a customized history and database, where all confidential information, finished projects, glossaries, feedbacks and the particularities of each client are secured. We aim to track our main work processes, through ongoing management of the people and processes involved.

The ultimate goal is to create more valuable services to the client, with an automated tool.

Regardless of size or complexity, each project undergoes the following production steps:


Definition and evaluation of the particulars of the project and the required tools, such as dictionaries, glossaries, etc. Finally, the document schedule is prepared.

Translators' Department

In this stage, our team of professionals translate the document.


Once the document is translated, it is submitted to one or more proofreaders, depending on the size of the project.


The layout of the document is performed in the penultimate stage and, in some cases, it may occur at the beginning of the project, when a pre-layout is needed.

Quality Control

All documents are subject to quality control, which searches the entire document for any failures in earlier stages.

This process is managed and monitored by Production Coordination, that ensures the compliance with the schedule, in addition to performing adjustments in any stage of the project.